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Tips for taking first time online classes

Tips for taking first time online classes - Success Roar Classes

Universities, colleges and schools were also closed due to steps taken to control the COVID-19 epidemic. Universities, Schools have also started online classes so that students do not lose their education. However, it is not so easy for students sitting in a class full of students to study alone in the homeroom, check the internet for resources and complete assignments online. On the other hand, the glut of social media feeds and WhatsApp messages can also fill you with anger as well as destruction. In such case, if you are taking online classes for the first time, these tips will work in better focus.

Make notes by the old way

If you are making notes while looking at an online lecture or presentation, then use a pen and paper instead of typing on the laptop. Research has revealed that typing students performed poorly on conceptual questions compared to those who wrote notes manually. Not only this, those who typed saw a tendency to transcribe every word of the lecture, which affects your learning as opposed to processing and reframing the information in your own words.

Take frequent breaks

Do not forget to take frequent breaks while reading online. MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer Bob Pozen says that working for 75 to 90 minutes helps your brain function in two modes. The first is learning or focus and the second is consolidation. Taking a 15-minute break after the task helps the brain remember the information by consolidating it.

Keep away the distractions

If platforms like Twitter, Netflix or WhatsApp divert your attention between studies and do not allow focus, then many apps can solve this problem.

Take help of study plan

Create a study calendar that contains information about upcoming exams, dates for submitting assignments, etc. Keep it saved on your computer or mobile and whenever you sit and read, do check it once. Make a to-do list at the beginning of every week and complete them on time.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Study Tips for Students during Lockdown

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