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Mock Test Paper 5 – Economics for Class-12th CBSE Examination Term 1 Session 2021-22

Marathon Mock Test Series – Economics – Class 12th – Term-1

CBSE Class 12 Mock Test Papers

Free Online Mock Test for Class 12 CBSE Board examination for Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Standard Mathematics and Applied Mathematics for Term-1 Session 2021-22.

This Mock Test Series is prepared according to the latest CBSE Exam pattern includes 5 Mock Test papers along with answer keys for each subject which will help you to prepare best for your exams.

You can solve these Mock tests by downloading the following pdf of OMR sheet.

How to solve these Mock test paper?

Schedule 20 minutes reading time + 90 minutes to solve paper (as per the CBSE exam duration). Solve question paper and calculate the marks considering the marks weightage of each MCQ assigned by CBSE for term-1 exams. This practice will help you in –

1. Accessing your conceptual understanding

2. Identifying the areas of improvement

3. Understanding the Importance of time management in Board exams

4. Planning How to attempt the paper in exams.

So, these papers can help you in getting better marks in your board exams.

Mock Test Paper 1

Mock Test Paper 5 – Economics for Class-12th CBSE Examination Term 1 Session 2021-22

If you have solved the question paper, it’s time to check your answer with the following answer key.

Answer Key

If you have solved all questions of Mock Test paper 5 – Economics for Class-12th CBSE Examination Term 1 Session 2021-22, now it’s time to check your answers and in case any answer is wrong, go through the explanation provided in the answer key to know the reason for the same.

Further this answer key has been thoroughly reviewed by Our Expert Faculties so that you can get access to 100% right answers for the questions.

Evaluation of Marks

So, if you have checked your answer, it’s time to calculate your marks but before that you need to know marks weightage of each MCQ in Term-1 exams –

SubjectMarks per MCQ
Business Studies0.80
Standard Mathematics1
Applied Mathematics1
CBSE Marks Weightage

Your Total Marks = Total right answers x marks weightage. For example, if your 30 questions of economics are correct, your score will be 30 x 0.80 = 24 (Enjoy NO Negative Marking).

So, what is your total score? Please let us know in the comment section.

Don’t forget to solve the other 4 Mock Test papers of Economics for Class-12th CBSE Examination Term 1 Session 2021-22. By solving all 5 Mock test papers, you will be able to analyze your exam preparation better by yourself.


We hope these Mock test papers proved helpful to you. Let us know your experience in comment box.

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