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How to keep your child away from smartphone addiction?

Smartphone Addiction - Success Roar Classes

Is your child has got addicted to smartphones?

If yes, then you are not alone.

Nowadays most of the parents are facing this serious issue which is ruining their child’s life. Not just this, extreme addiction to smartphones has led to serious threats to the whole family.

Whether it’s about playing PUBG, watching movies, etc. children have got addicted to the smartphone so extremely that their negative impacts are terrifying.

Here are some Negative Impacts of using smartphones for a longer duration –

1. Causes headaches

Yeah, extreme usage of smartphones can be led to painful headaches which can further convert into serious mental disorders.

2. Causes Poor Vision

Continuous usage of smartphones can be led to poor vision & can degrade your child’s eye health.

3. Restrict Imagination

Extreme usage of smartphones causes poor imagination as most of the time a child’s mind is occupied by what he had seen on mobile and restrict him to think differently.

4. Reduce concentration on studies

As most of the mobile games are highly addictive, they stimulate a child’s mind & make them habitual of those stimulations due to which your child finds it difficult to focus on his studies as it doesn’t fulfill their stimulation habits.

5. Increases Depression

Extreme usage of smartphones is causing depression within children, especially teenagers who are craving to play games on mobile all the time which causes conflicts between child & parent and finally causes depression.

6. Increases Violence

Children do what they see, extreme playing of games on smartphones makes children violent as they do a replica of what they see in games i.e., fighting, shooting, kicking, punching, etc.

Not just this, playing highly addictive games like PUBG on smartphones may lead to extremely terrifying situations.

Here are some recent cases of such situations –

1. A Mumbai youth committed suicide after being denied a smartphone to play PUBG.

According to The Times of India, the teenager took the extreme step when he was denied a high-end smartphone to play the game. Feeling distraught, he hung himself from a ceiling fan in the kitchen of his residence.


2. 19-year-old Delhi boy killed his parents and sister for PUBG: In October 2018, a 19-year-old Delhi boy was arrested for killing his parents and sister because they did not approve of his lifestyle that revolved around playing PUBG with his peers at a secretly rented room.


3. 15-year-old Thane Boy killed elder brother for scolding him for playing PUBG: The boy flew into a rage when the victim, Mohammad Shaikh aged 19, asked him to stop playing the game on his mobile phone. The accused allegedly banged his older brother’s head against the wall and stabbed him repeatedly with a pair of scissors.


4. Son beheads dad for forbidding his PUBG gaming: Raghuveer Kumbar killed his father (Shankar) when he took away his mobile phone and disconnected the internet for being on his phone for a long duration. The shocking incident took place at Siddheshwar Nagar Kakati in Belagavi district of Karnataka.


5. 20-Year-Old Died after playing PUBG continuously for 45 days: According to local media, the boy, a resident of Jagtial was playing PUBG for 45 days and had developed serious neck pain due to this. The doctors who treated him in a Hyderabad hospital reportedly found the nerves surrounding his neck were completely damaged after he played the game for long hours at a stretch.


Yeah, it’s really terrifying & unbelievable, but it is today’s reality. Success Roar Classes

That’s why after going through a series of researches & interactions with people I am presenting here 6 ways by which you can keep your child away from smartphone addiction.

1. Limit Screen Time

You can’t simply tell your child to leave using a smartphone in this digital era, though smartphones are addictive at the same time, they are useful tools too. Proper knowledge & practice of gadgets is the necessity of today’s world.

So instead of saying NO for a smartphone to your child & increasing the chances of conflicts, it will be a clever idea to simply limit screen time for your child on the smartphone.

There are plenty of apps that can do this simple task. It will restrict app usage after a specified time period which will help your child to make use of smartphones instead of misusing it.

2. Let them feel Boredom

Many parents try to make their child busy as much as they can whether in studies or by simply giving a smartphone to their child so that they can’t feel boredom. Most parents think that their child must not feel boredom and that’s the point where they make a mistake.

Feeling boredom is important to become creative. Let your child be free, doing nothing. Let your child feel bore and try to find out something interesting instead of playing on a smartphone. Let your child explore things instead of slowing down their activeness by giving them smartphones & making them busy for a moment.

3. Encourage their Hobbies

Encourage your child to develop & engage in activities they like. It may be reading, playing a musical instrument, cooking, dancing, singing, etc. Active participation of parents in developing child hobby is a highly effective way to help a child get away from smartphones and also develops creativity in them.

4. Encourage them for outdoor games

Playing outdoor games are beneficial in many ways for your child. It will not only help them to get away from smartphones but will also help them to stay fit & improve their physical strength. In today’s era, most of the children are struggling with obesity which can be easily cured by playing outdoor games.

5. Make your child help you in household work

Yeah, you heard it right, I am not asking you to delegate your whole household work to your child but to make them assist you in your daily household work. Yeah, it’s a pretty simple & effective idea.

It will help your child to get away from smartphone addiction & will help you to spend time with your child, which is what nowadays most parents are craving for.

So let your little champ help you in the kitchen & let yourself make some sweet moments with your child.

6. Become an example

Children do what they see, yeah it’s true. You simply can’t say NO for a smartphone to your child when you yourself are busy in that. Although I understand, today’s era demands the use of gadgets but it should be limited to work only. So setting an example for your child & spending less time on the smartphone is what you need to do in order to make your child away from smartphones.

And if you need to work on smartphones most of the day due to your work, try not to use smartphone in front of your child as much as possible.

So these were some tips which will definitely be going to change your child’s life, so why wait? Apply these tips in your life & do tell me which tip has proved most beneficial for you.

Stay happy. Stay Blessed.

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Seema Poddar

This article is really helpful to aware ourself about smartphone negative impacts… sometime parents also unintentionaly make their children to use smartphone…I liked these ideas…. and i m definately going to try these to reduce my own addiction towards mobile as well as of my family members..

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