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How to do Self-Study in Lockdown? By Anand Kumar of Super – 30

How to do Self-Study in Lockdown - Success Roar Classes

During the Coronavirus crisis, how to do self-study in Lockdown. Anand Kumar of Super – 30 is telling in his own words.

“To understand a topic, choose such a simple book, in which the basics have been started”

In the words of Anand Kumar,” Wherever I go for seminars, students often ask a question. One has to go to school or college and then coaching in the evening. What to do? There is no time for self-study. Today, along with the entire world, we as well as our country are going through a crisis of CoronaVirus and we are under lockdown to avoid this pandemic. Then this is the right time when this time can be utilized for self-study. I always tell my students that ‘Self-study is the best study’. I have also experienced this in my life.

Repeated Efforts are required

Many times it happens when you find a solution to a question and you fail. Then your teacher not only explains the solution to that question but also explains it to you well. But what happens? If you do not repeat it again and again, then you forget it within a few days. Now you remember some such incident that you are not getting the solution of any question and yet you try to find the solution on your own again and again. Then you never forget it. The things explained by someone else are like borrowed knowledge, whereas the knowledge gained after reaching the conclusion based on your own experience is your own. 

Try to find new ways

I would like to tell you one more thing based on my experience. Many times it happens when I give a question to solve in class and after some time I tell its solution. After a few days, when I ask that question again, some students either forget it or solve it in the same manner as I have told. But if I ask any question, I also give more time to the students. Then I wonder at that time that students show the solution to the question in many different new ways, which I had never even thought about. The conclusion is that when you try yourself, many new things will come into your mind.

How to do Self-Study

Now we come to the subject of how to do self-study. Whichever subject you have to read, understand, choose the simplest book of the subject in which the subject has been started from the very beginning. Read and try to understand. It is possible that many things may not be understood. No problem. Read again. Read it again and again. Despite this, if things are not understood, then read the books of the lower class on the same subject. If the subject is understood then it is okay if you are still having trouble then you can take the support of Google and YouTube. I believe it will benefit. I have learned from my life that hard work never goes waste. If you do a self-study, then neither you will have any time constraint nor will you feel pressured by anyone. In this lockdown, if you learn to take advantage of doing self-study then you will have a new force. You can learn anything through self-study anytime. And the biggest thing is that self-study will also increase your self-confidence

What are you thinking then? Let’s start a self-study and turn this crisis phase into an opportunity.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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