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Free Online MCQs Questions of Class – 11 Accountancy Chapter 16 – Depreciation

Free Online MCQs Questions of CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 16 – Depreciation with Answers. Free Online MCQs Questions for Class 11 Accountancy with Answers was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Students can solve NCERT Class 11 Accountancy Depreciation Current Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on Success Roar Classes Website itself.

Depreciation is a way to write off the cost of an asset over the life of such an asset. Depreciation is treated as non-cash expenses shown in P&L to present an actual profit or loss of business.

Free Online MCQs Questions of Class -11 Accountancy

Chapter – 16 Depreciation with Answers

Q1.which method of depreciation is approved by income tax act

a)      Reducing balance method

b)      Straight line method

c)      Annuity method

d)     None of these

Q2. Amortization referred to writing off

a)      Depleting

b)      Wasting assets

c)      Intangible asset

d)     Fictitious asset

Q3. Which of the following best describe depreciation

A)    Valuation of fixed assets at the end of the year

B)    Verification of the assets

C)    Decreasing the market value of asset

D)    Allocation of cost of fixed asset over its use full life

Q4. Depreciation is calculated from the date of

a)      Purchase of assets

b)      Receipt of assets at business premises

c)      Starting of commercial Use of asset

d)     Assets installed

Q5. X Ltd purchase a machine on 1st July 2020 for rs 50000 depreciation is to charge @10% pa. What will be the amount of depreciation if the books are closed on 31st march every year?

a) 5000

b) 3750

c) 10000

d) 4000

Q6. X Ltd sold a machine for Rs. 55000 at a loss of Rs. 5000 on which depreciation has been charged Rs. 12000. The cost of machine was

a)      62000

b)     72000

c)      55000

d)     50000

Q7. In WDV method depreciation is charged on

a)      Cost price

b)      Market price

c)      Reduced Value

d)     Non on these

Q8. In this method of depreciation the value of the asset will be zero at the end of its use full life

a)      WDV METHOD

b)       Straight line method

c)      Annuity method

d)      None of these

Q9. The book value of asset was after charging 3 year depreciation @ 10 % pa is rs 7290. What was the cost of the machine?

a)      10000

b)      11000

c)      8000

d)     9000

Q10. In which method of depreciation equal amount of depreciation debited to P&L A/c.


b) Straight line method

c) Annuity method

d) None of these.

MCQs Questions of CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 16 – Depreciation

Answer Key

  1. (a)      2. (c)     3. (d)     4. (c)     5. (b)     6. (b)     7. (c)     8. (b)      9. (a)      10. (b)

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