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Free Online MCQs for Class – 11 Accountancy Chapter 13 – Ledger

Free Online MCQs for CBSE Class – 11 Accountancy Chapter 13 – Ledger with Answers. Free Online MCQs Questions for Class 11 Accountancy with Answers was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Students can solve NCERT Class 11 Accountancy Chapter 13 – Ledger Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on Success Roar Classes Website itself.

Free Online MCQs for Class – 11 Accountancy

Chapter 13 – Ledger with Answers

  1. If debit side of bank account is greater than credit side it represents?
    1.  Cash at Bank
    2. Bank Loan
    3. Bank Overdraft
    4.  None of them
  2. The payment to a creditor will?
    1.  Increase one asset and decrease another
    2.  Decrease an asset and decrease owner’s equity
    3.  Decrease an asset and decrease a liability
    4.  Increase an asset and increase a liability
  3. The T-account is used to summarize which of the following?
    1.  Increase and decrease to a single account in the accounting system
    2.  Debit and credit to a single account in the accounting system
    3.  Changes in specific account balances over a time period
    4.  All of the above describe how T-accounts are used by accountants
  4. Credit means?
    1.  Entries on the right hand side
    2.  A decrease in liabilities
    3.  An increase in expenses
    4.  An increase in assets
  5. Ledger is a principal book in which?
    1.  Only real account are kept
    2.  Only personal accounts are kept
    3.  All accounts are kept
    4.  Only nominal accounts are kept
  6. Excess of Debit side over Credit side is called?
    1.  Debit Balance
    2.  Credit Balance
    3.  Liability Accounts
    4.  All of before
  7. Which item will appear on the credit side of ledger account?
    1.  Cash received
    2.  Purchases
    3.  Discount received
    4. Rent Expenses
  8. The process of transferring the debit and credit items from a journal to their respective account in the ledger is termed as?
    1.  Balancing
    2.  Posting
    3.  Arithmetic
    4.  Entry
  9. Calculating balance of any account, after posting all entries to account, is known as
    1. Balancing
    2.  Posting
    3.  Arithmetic
    4.  Entry
  10. Cash received from Ram as interest, which account to be credited
    1. Ram account
    2. Cash Account
    3. Interest Account
    4. None of the above

MCQs Questions of Class – 11 Accountancy Chapter-13 Ledger

Answer Key

  1. (a)   2. (c)  3. (d)  4. (a)  5. (c)  6. (a)  7. (c)  8. (b)  9. (a)  10. (c)

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