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Free Online MCQ Questions of Class – 10 Science Chapter 2 – Acids, Bases and Salts with Answers

Free Online MCQ Questions of CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 2 – Acids, Bases and Salts with Answers. Free Online MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science with Answers was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Students can solve NCERT Class 10 Science Acids, Bases and Salts Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on Success Roar Classes Website itself.

Free Online MCQ Questions of Class -10 Science

Chapter – 2 Acids, Bases and Salts with Answers

  1. Paheli is writing some statements. She wants to know in which of the following statements is or are correct?
    1. When a person happens to touch the leaves of a nettle plant accidentally, the stinging hair of nettle leaves injects methanoic acid into the skin of the person causing burning pain.
    2. An ant’s sting injects methanoic acid into the skin of a person causing burning pain.
    3. When a wasp stings, it injects an alkaline liquid into the skin.
    4. All the above
  2. Which of the following substances will not give carbon dioxide on treatment with dilute acid?
    1. Marble
    2. Limestone
    3. Baking soda
    4. Lime
  3. In a science exam, you are asked a question where you have to choose the statement which is/ are incorrect?
    1. Curd and other sour foodstuffs such as vinegar, lemon juice and orange juice, etc., should not be kept in metal vessels like copper vessels.
    2. If someone is suffering from the problem of acidity after over eating, we can suggest taking baking soda solution as remedy.
    3. Egg-shells, limestone, marble and chalk are the different forms calcium carbonate.
    4. None of the above
  4. Sukhvir appeared in test of class 10th standard, where he wrote some statements but he confused to know the incorrect statement. Would you help him to know that?
    1. A concentrated acid is one which contains the minimum possible amount of water in it.
    2. A dilute acid is one which contains the much more amount of water in it.
    3. When water is added to concentrated acid to dilute it then the heat is evolved gradually.
    4. None of them
  5. Sodium carbonate is a basic salt because it is a salt of:
    1. Strong acid and strong base
    2. Weak acid and weak base
    3. Strong acid and weak base
    4. Weak acid and strong base
  6. Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:
    1. The red cabbage extract is also a natural indicator.
    2. The red cabbage extract remains red in acidic solution, but turns green on adding two basic solution.
    3. Those substances whose smell changes in acidic or basic solution are called olfactory indicators.
    4. The smell of the onion cannot be detected when it is added to an acidic solution.
  7. A sample of soil is mixed with water and allowed to settle. The clear supernatant solution turns the pH paper yellowish-orange. Which of the following would change the colour of this pH paper to greenish-blue?
    1. Lemon Juice
    2. Vinegar
    3. Common salt
    4. An antacid
  8. Calcium phosphate is present in tooth enamel. Its nature is
    1. Basic
    2. Acidic
    3. Neutral
    4. Amphoteric
  9. One of the constituents of baking powder is sodium hydrogen carbonate, the other constituent is
    1. Hydrochloric acid
    2. Tartaric acid
    3. Acetic acid
    4. Sulphuric acid
  10. To protect tooth decay we are advised to brush our teeth regularly. The nature of toothpaste commonly used is
    1. Acidic
    2. Neutral
    3. Basic
    4. Corrosive

MCQ Questions of CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 2- Acids, Bases and Salts

Answer Key

1.  (d)  2. (d)  3. (d)  4. (c)  5. (d)  6. (d)  7. (d)  8. (a)  9. (b)  10. (c)

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