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MCQ’s Quiz on Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 – Staffing- Set 1

Free MCQ’s Quiz for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 – Staffing with Answers is prepared based on the latest CBSE Exam Pattern for the Academic Session. Students can solve NCERT based Class 12th Business Studies – ‘Staffing’ Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on the Success Roar Classes website. If you have any queries about CBSE Class 11 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, please leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Here, we have provided Free MCQ’s Quiz on Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 – Staffing. Staffing is an element of the management process that focuses on getting, utilising, and maintaining a satisfied and productive workforce. Staffing might include a variety of personnel, such as daily wagers, consultants, and contract workers. The managerial function of employee recruitment, selection, training, development, promotion, and remuneration is known as staffing. Estimating the quantity and type of individuals needed, hiring and developing them, and maintaining and increasing their competence and performance are all part of the process.

Chapter Wise MCQ Class 11 questions are created according to the recent CBSE syllabus of all topics.  The students can practice MCQs in order to achieve better results during the course of the exam.

To make you perfect in this topic – Staffing, we are here with a set of MCQs Quiz that will help you in brushing up your understanding of the concepts.

Free MCQ’s on Staffing.

Free MCQ’s on Staffing



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Share and Enjoy !

#1. Which of the following is not concerned with staffing?

#2. How does a business form come to know that an organisation is understaffed or overstaffed?

#3. Which combination of actions in sequential order is correct in the staffing function?

#4. ___ is a process of learning and growth.

#5. From the following which one is not a limitations of external sources?

#6. The process of identifying and selecting the best candidate for a job from a group of candidates is known as ____.

#7. _____ source is the most popular and cheaper source of recruitment.

#8. Providing the candidate the post for which he/she is selected is called?

#9. Name the process of introducing a new employee to other employees and familiarising him with the company's regulations and practices.

#10. _____ recruitment is suitable when there is a requirement of large number of candidates.


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