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MCQ’s Quiz on Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 10 – Financial Markets – Set 1

Free MCQ’s Quiz for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 10 – Financial Markets with Answers is prepared based on the latest CBSE Exam Pattern for the Academic Session. Students can solve NCERT based Class 12th Business Studies – ‘Financial Markets’ Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on the Success Roar Classes website. If you have any queries about CBSE Class 11 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, please leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

Here, we have provided Free MCQ’s Quiz on Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 10 – Financial Markets. A financial market is a place where people can buy and sell financial assets. Wherever there is a financial transaction, there are financial markets.

Chapter Wise MCQ Class 11 questions are created according to the recent CBSE syllabus of all topics.  The students can practice MCQs in order to achieve better results during the course of the exam.

To make you perfect in this topic – Financial Markets, we are here with a set of MCQs Quiz that will help you in brushing up your understanding of the concepts.

Free MCQ’s on Financial Markets.

Free MCQ’s on Financial Markets



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Share and Enjoy !

#1. Which one of the following is not a financial market function?

#2. SEBI is a regulator of

#3. A Firm can raise capital through the primary market in the form of:

#4. ___ is a way to invest used by commercial banks to cover their very short-term funding needs with the option of renewal.

#5. The ___ assists existing investors in selling their securities.

#6. A ____ is an institution that provides a trading platform for existing securities with long-term maturities.

#7. When opening a demat account, an investor must submit which the following document to the broker?

#8. Which of the following is a financial instrument?

#9. The NSE index is known as the?

#10. It is a self-liquidating, short-term, negotiable instrument used to finance business credit sales.


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