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Free MCQ’s Quiz on Class 11 Business Studies – Chapter 9 – Small Business – Set 1

Free MCQ’s Quiz for Class 11 Business Studies – Chapter 9 – Small Business with Answers is prepared based on the latest CBSE Exam Pattern for the Academic Session. Students can solve NCERT based Class 11th Business Studies – ‘Small Business’ Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on the Success Roar Classes website.

Here, we have provided Free MCQ’s Quiz on Class 11 Business Studies – Chapter 9 – Small Business. Small businesses are self-owned enterprises that require less capital, fewer employees, and little or no machinery. Small businesses play an important role in the Indian economy. Small business also entails low-cost manufacturing. Small businesses in rural India provide rural households with a diverse and multiple source of income.

To make you perfect in this topic – Small Business, we are here with a set of MCQs Quiz that will help you in brushing up the understanding of the concepts.

Free MCQ’s on Small Business.

Free MCQ’s on Small Business



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Share and Enjoy !

#1. Which of the following are also known as Rural industries or Traditional industries?

#2. Any industry in a rural region that produces goods or provides services with or without the usage of electricity is referred to as?

#3. How much small industry contributes to India's gross added industrial value?

#4. The small-scale investment limit is ______.

#5. Expand EOUs.

#6. Which of the following is part of Village and Small Industries Sector?

#7. Which of the following is a major small-business problem?

#8. A ___ is a business that operates on a small scale and requires less capital, labour, and machinery.

#9. A small scale industry owned and managed by a woman entrepreneur must have a minimum share capital of ________.

#10. Which of these are organised by individuals?


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