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Free MCQs on Acceptance – CA Foundation Business Law

Acceptance is the ultimate key to make a promise. This promise leads us to a valid contract. So it is clear that acceptance is a vital element for a valid contract. But what acceptance means? The following MCQs will help you to understand all these concepts. (Free MCQs on Acceptance – CA Foundation Business Law)

Multiple Choice Questions

The Indian Contract Act 1872

  1. Acceptance to be valid must
    1. Be absolute
    2. Be unqualified
    3. Both be absolute and unqualified
    4. Be conditional
  2. A proposal can be accepted
    1. By notice of acceptance
    2. By performance of condition of proposal
    3. By acceptance of consideration for a reciprocal promise
    4. All of the above
  3. If the proposer prescribes the mode and manner of acceptance, the acceptance
    1. Can be in any manner and mode
    2. Should be in the manner and mode prescribed
    3. Can be in any reasonable manner and mode
    4. All the above
  4. Consent under section 13 means
    1. Agreeing on the same thing in same sense
    2. Agreeing on the same thing at the same time
    3. Agreeing on the same thing at different time
    4. Agreeing on different things at different times
  5. Under section 2(b) if the person to whom the proposal is made signifies his assent the proposal is said to have been
    1. Accepted
    2. Agreed
    3. Provisionally agreed
    4. Tentatively accepted
  6. An implied offer means an offer made 
    1. By spoken words 
    2. By SMS
    3. By body language 
    4. By both (a) and (c) 
    5. All of the above
  7. Communication of acceptance is
    1. Optional
    2. Mandatory
    3. Mandatory in some cases, but generally Option
    4. Optional in some cases, but generally Mandatory
  8. A offers B to sell his house for Rs. 15 lakh and directs him to send his acceptance only by e-mail. B sends a letter of acceptance by post. This is 
    1. valid acceptance
    2. invalid acceptance 
    3. valid acceptance if A does not reject 
    4. no acceptance at all 
  9. An acceptance will not be considered valid when
    1. Acceptance was not in prescribed mode
    2. When counter offer was given
    3. When acceptance not given in time
    4. Both A and C
    5. All of the above
  10. Acceptance in case of ignorance of offer is not valid. Here ignorance of offer means
    1. When offeree ignores the offer
    2. When offeree does not act according to offer
    3. When offeree act on offer without knowing about the offer
    4. None of the above

Answer Key

1. (C)    2.  (D)    3. (B)   4.  (A)   5.  (A)   6. (D)   7.  (B)    8. (C)    9. (E)    10. (C)

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