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Free MCQ on Acceptance of offer and its communication

CA foundation November 2020 Examinations

The Indian Contract Act 1872

An offer is only become agreement when it is accepted by offeree. Further acceptance must be clear and unconditional and it should be communicated to offeror. Here you will find Free MCQ on Acceptance of offer and its communication

Multiple Choice Question

  1. Under section 2(b) if the person to whom the proposal is made signifies his assent the proposal is said to have been
    1. Accepted
    2. Agreed
    3. conditionally agreed
    4. None of the above
  2. Consent is free under section 14 if not caused by
    1. Coercion and undue influence
    2. Fraud and misrepresentation
    3. Mistake subject to the provisions of section 20, 21 and 22
    4. All the above
  3. Acceptance or consent under section 13 means
    1. Agreeing on the same thing in same sense
    2. Agreeing on same thing
    3. Agreeing on same time
    4. None of the above
  4. A revokes his proposal to B by telegram. The revocation is complete as against A
    1.  When the telegram is dispatched
    2. When B receives the telegram
    3. When B confirms
    4. When A receives confirmation from B
  5. Which of the following is incorrect?
    1. A rejected offer cannot be accepted
    2. Cross offers cannot be constructed as an agreement
    3. Counter offer constitute valid acceptance
    4. All of the above
  6. If the proposer prescribes the mode and manner of acceptance, the acceptance
    1. Can be in any manner and mode
    2. Should be in the manner and mode prescribed
    3. Can be in any reasonable manner and mode
    4. All the above
  7. A letter of acceptance sent by post is lost in transit, this will result in
    1. A contract as the letter of acceptance is put in course of transmission
    2. No contract as the acceptance has not come to the knowledge of the other party
    3. No contract as the acceptance has not been communicated
    4. All of the above
  8. In case of specific offer, the acceptance can only be given by
    1. That person to whom offer was given
    2. It is an open offer can be accepted by anyone
    3. Both a & b
    4. None of the above
  9. An acceptance will be called valid when it is
    1. absolute
    2. unqualified
    3. Both absolute and unqualified
    4. Conditional
  10. Ram made an offer to Sita for purchasing her scooter. Ram instructed that acceptance must be send by post only. Sita accepted the offer but send a text message instead of post. Here
    1. Acceptance will not be valid
    2. Acceptance can be valid if Ram agrees
    3. Acceptance is valid
    4. Both A & B

Free MCQ on Acceptance of offer and its communication

Answer Key

  1. (a)  2. (d)  3. (a)  4. (a)  5. (c)  6. (b)  7.  (a)  8. (a)  9. (c)  10.  (d)

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