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Free MCQs for Social Science – 9th Class

Free Online MCQ Questions for Social Science – 9th Class with Answers is very important for students who want to score good marks in their CBSE board examination. Students who can Practice Chapter-wise CBSE Social Science – 9th Class Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to improve your score in Exams.

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Practicing NCERT MCQ for Social Science – 9th Class CBSE with Answers is one of the best ways to prepare for the CBSE Class 9 exam. There is no substitute for consistent practice whether one wants to understand a concept thoroughly or one wants to score better. By practicing more Quiz Questions and Answers for Social Science – 9th Class, students can improve their speed and accuracy which can help them during their board exam.

MCQ Questions for Social Science – 9th Class with Answers

History (India and the Contemporary World – I)

Chapter 1 – The French Revolution
Chapter 2 – Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
Chapter 3 – Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
Chapter 4 – Forest Society and Colonialism
Chapter 5 – Pastoralists in the Modern World
Chapter 6 – Peasants and Farmers
Chapter 7 – History and Sport: The Story of Cricket
Chapter 8 – Clothing: A Social History

Geography (Contemporary India)

Chapter 1 – India – Size and Location
Chapter 2 – Physical Features of India
Chapter 3 – Drainage
Chapter 4 – Climate
Chapter 5 – Natural Vegetation and WildLife
Chapter 6 – Population

Civics (Democratic Politics)

Chapter 1 – What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
Chapter 2 – Constitutional Design
Chapter 3 – Electoral Politics
Chapter 4 – Working of Institutions
Chapter 5 – Democratic Rights


Chapter 1 – The Story of Village Palampur
Chapter 2 – People as Resource
Chapter 3 – Poverty as a Challenge
Chapter 4 – Food Security in India
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