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Free MCQs for Economics – 11th Class

Free MCQs for Economics – 11th Class with Answers is very important for students who want to score good marks in their CBSE board examination. Students who can Practice Chapter-wise CBSE Class 11 Commerce Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to improve their score in Board Exams.

The practice is the only key to success in the CBSE exam. You can start with CBSE Sample Question Papers for 2021 Board Exams.

Practicing NCERT MCQs for Economics – 11th Class CBSE with Answers is one of the best ways to prepare for the CBSE Class 11 exam. There is no substitute for consistent practice whether one wants to understand a concept thoroughly or one wants to score better. By practicing more Quiz Questions and Answers for Economics – 11th Class, students can improve their speed and accuracy which can help them during their board exam.

MCQ Questions for Economics – 11th Class with Answers

Economics – Microeconomics

Chapter 1 – Economics & Economy
Chapter 2 – Central Problems of an Economy
Chapter 3 – Consumer’s Equilibrium – Utility Analysis
Chapter 4 – Consumer’s Equilibrium – Indifference Curve Analysis
Chapter 5 – Theory of Demand
Chapter 6 – Price Elasticity of Demand
Chapter 7 – Production Function & Returns to a factor
Chapter 8 – Concepts of cost
Chapter 9 – Concepts of Revenue
Chapter 10 – Producer’s Equilibrium
Chapter 11 – Theory of Supply
Chapter 12 – Forms of Market
Chapter 13 – Market Equilibrium under perfect competition & effects of shifts in Demand & Supply

Economics – Statistics

Chapter 1 – Concept of Economics & Significance of Statistics in Economics
Chapter 2 – Collection of Data
Chapter 3 – Census and sample methods of collection of data
Chapter 4 – Organisation of data
Chapter 5 – Presentation of Data – Textual & Tabular Presentation
Chapter 6 – Diagrammatic Presentation of Data – Bar Diagrams & Pie Diagrams
Chapter 7 – Frequency Diagrams – Histogram, Polygon, and Ogive
Chapter 8 – Arithmetic Line-Graphs or Time Series Graphs
Chapter 9 – Arithmetic Mean
Chapter 10 – Median and Mode
Chapter 11 – Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 12 – Correlation
Chapter 13 – Index Numbers
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