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Free Counselling by NCERT – To Reduce Stress and Irritation

Free Counselling by NCERT - Success Roar Classes

School-colleges are also closed across the country due to lockdown. Due to its prolonged duration, stress is also increasing in parents regarding their child’s future. National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has started telephonic counselling so that parents and students can share their problems, reduce stress. Under this, counsellors have been appointed in every field. Their region-wise list is available on the NCERT website. This telephonic counselling is completely free.

Common Problems of Parent

The counselor received a call from a parent, who complained that their child had become addicted to mobile and TV. Neither he is studying the 12th exam nor researching which college to go to. Thet just watching TV and Netflix. And when I try to say something, he angrily closes the room. What to do? – Free Counselling by NCERT

Solutions can be

1. The student had already set his goal, but didn’t tell his parents

When the counselor asked the child for hobbies, he said that he likes to cook. He wants to go to IHM Delhi, he has to crack the entrance. After talking to both of them, it was understood that communication between parents and the child was missing.

2. Students should plan their day according to their hobbies

Plan your day according to hobbies like songs, record songs. If you like cooking, try something new in the kitchen, if you feel like in fitness then make an exercise plan. If you like movies too, then don’t just watch, research them.

3. Students should write 10 good and 10 bad things about yourself every day

Gradually you will know your negativity, then you will remain alert. Time wastage or anger, whatever the negativity is, you will become aware to control it as soon as the phase comes.

Source: NCERT, Dainik Bhaskar

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