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Faceless Assessments – Say no to Jurisdiction, Say no to Corruption

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The taxpayer will now be given the respect they deserve. The taxpayer will be now trusted, not looked at with doubt. P.M. Modi said“

Today a major reform announced by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, introducing a new system facilitating Faceless assessments, faceless appeals, and tax payer’s charter. This new system Transparent Taxation- Honouring the Honest will change the picture of the whole scenario of assessment and appeal procedure of the Income-tax department.

This new system will abolish offline assessments and appeals. Now all faceless assessments and appeals excluding some serious cases will be completed online on a country basis. Different teams shall be appointed on a random basis with the help of data analytic and AI.

Major features of new system-

  • No physical interface, No need to visit IT office for assessment
  • Selection only through the system using data analytic and AI
  • Automated random allocation of cases
  • Abolition of territorial jurisdiction
  • Central issuance of notice with document Identification
  • Team-based assessment, Team-based review
  • Draft assessment order in one city, review in other city and finalisation in another city

This faceless assessment and tax payer charter will come into force from today, whereas faceless appeal will be available from September 25, 2020. The Income tax department will adopt a “tax payer charter” which will provide a framework about the rights and responsibilities of both tax payer and tax authorities.

Further all assessment except some special cases, done in physical manner, shall be invalid. This new system will provide ease to tax payer, now he need not to wander department to department for clearing his file. A clear message by Modi Government promoting, “No more bribe, no more corruption“.

Academic Session will start with a delay of 2 months

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