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Demand for E-book has increased due to Lockdown

Demand for E-book has increased due to Lockdown - Success Roar Classes

The fear of Coronavirus has suddenly increased the demand for e-books in the market due to the Lockdown. People are easily downloading these books at home with the help of their mobiles, laptops, and tablets. Some books are being downloaded for free and some e-books have to be purchased. In Schools, colleges also, students and parents are using e-books for study. NCERT e-books for Class 1st to 12th are available on its website.

Corona infection is believed to be the biggest reason behind this demand. People believe that reading e-books are the safest at this time. Postal service interrupted due to lockdown. There is no guarantee that the book taken from the market will be virus-free. Everything is available on the net. E-books are cheaper than books and are safe.

Giving additional data boost

Telecommunication companies continue to be helpful during the lockdown. Most of the companies have launched special recharge of the net these days. With this, they can use more and more net at a lower price. Many companies have started giving double data in their earlier plans. This is why people are freely downloading their favorite e-books.

E-books are safe and available at low prices

People are now using e-books to avoid infection. Anyway, the postal system is closed at this time. E-books are easy and become available at cheap prices. There is no risk of infection from it. It is available very soon. Due to this, the trend of people is increasing towards this.

Children’s favorite books (comics) have been around for a long time. Among these, children like Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Nagraj, Pinky, Billu, Super Commando Dhruv, and Tenaliram. With this, they are developing a capacity for deep understanding, so that they can face the problems faced by themselves.

Among the poems to the elders are Gulzar, Rahat Indouri, Book of Swanand Kirkire, Delhi Durbar of Satyavayas, Bakar Purana of Ajit Bharti, Warrior of Sita Mithila of Amish Tripathi, Ravish Kumar, Speaking of Manisha Kulshreshtha’s novel Mallika, Yatindra Mishra’s Akhtari, Biographers of Taranand Vyogi are a traveler of the ages.

Motivational e-books are pleasing to people of all ages. These include Fire Flight written by former President APJ Abdul Kalam, Your Victory of Shivkheda, Big Magic of David J. Schwartz’s Big Thinking, Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Writer Ashok Kumar Pandey’s Kashmir Nama is also in demand.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar, NCERT

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